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CHRISTMAS 2021 and thank you

Happy Christmas to all our lovely customers - and thank you for your on going support - its been a very challenging time with Covid , Brexit and the global market place causing shortages in the availablity of sustainable and organic products - and even picture frames - that was something I didnt see coming  and because we refuse to lower our standards for our products its been very  tough but thankfully we have just about managed to fulfil everyones orders ......... 
Last orders for Christmas delivery  are December 13th - we print to order with no stock and so no waste - and this gives us time to print your orders .
Once again  thank you all for your support - this small business is my main income, it has provided for me and my two girls ( and three dogs ) for the last 10 years  and my love of creativity and the arts is at the forefront of all we do - coupled with a green and ecological and ethical determination to look after this beautiful blue / green planet that we call home .... 
Lots of plans for 2022 but for now - please look after each other , stay safe and well and enjoy the Peace of Christmas 
Sending Love and Light to you all X